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Our Product

Hi, we're Louis & Tasja.

The Waffle Bowl as an idea was conceived whilst walking around our town centre during a heat wave and craving delicious ice cream. As with most things’ food, we decided to make some ourselves to see how it would go.

3 months later, here we are.

We had 3 core ideals that are close to our hearts when we decided to open The Waffle Bowl.

  1. Support local businesses and producers. Our milk is PrOganics, milked 1 mile outside of Oakham. Our Jars are from Whissendine. Our eggshells are given to the local allotments in Oakham.
  2. Commitment to quality ingredients that are as sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical as possible. 
  3. To create small batch, high quality Artisanal Ice-Cream that at the very least, will bring a smile to the faces of our customers.



One of the most important decisions that we made was to NOT add in any artificial flavours, colours or stabilisers to our ice cream. This decision means that our ice cream always showcases the ingredients that we put in and may not always be the colours you would expect. The mint in our mint choc chip comes directly from our back garden. The honeycomb is homemade. The fruit are handpicked by us (bananas aside) and prepared ready to add to our product.

We find the rich quality of our ingredients mean that we can produce luxurious ice-cream without the need to add additional products like emulsifiers and gums or any other product we may struggle to pronounce.

To enjoy our ice cream at its best, leave it to thaw for 10-15 minutes before eating, and finish within 3 days of opening. In our house it rarely ends up back in the freezer.  

Certified Organic Milk & Eggs

The base of a good ice cream relies on a good milk and rich eggs. we get both from a local farm.

PrOganic pasteurised milk is produced by their certified organic cows. Unlike supermarkets, they do NOT homogenise their milk – and so a delicious cream layer will form on top. If you want to try it for yourself, they have a vending machine at Gate Garden Centre. 

 Jars from Whissendine

High quality jars and lids at affordable prices, with the added benefit of only being just up the road. Unfortunately, we cannot re-use the lids due to health and safety regulations, but they are metal and 100% recyclable. maybe send them to a local primary school for junk modelling too. 


 Sustainable & Ethically Sourced Chocolate

At Rococo Chocolates they have been making British chocolate for over thirty-five years. We chose them not only because their chocolate is delicious but because of their ethical and sustainable practices

 Sustainable & Ethically Sourced Vanilla

LittlePod use only pure pod in the Vanilla paste giving both our Vanilla and our Honeycomb ice cream a taste of pure luxury and richness. They are also dedicated to sustainability and ethical sourcing.